Important websites you should know if you want to study in the USA

Important websites you should know if you plan to study in the USA

What you should know before you study in the USA

Websites to get powerful information about studying in the USA 

If you want to study in the USA, it requires a lot of research during the process of your preparation. I like doing research works and I'll like to help you discover many important things that you may not know.

What I want to do is to help you with list of some important websites where you can get quality information to help you in your preparation to study in the USA. 

Please find below list of important websites and links that will help you get important information about studying in the USA.

Important Websites to get information about studying in the USA 

The following is collection of websites where you can get valuable information about studying in the USA. 

Please read them carefully to get the information you need. If any link is broken, go to the website and look for it.

In the USA, not every school can give admission to international students. Also, not every school is certified as an academic institution. 

If you want to find out whether a US university, college, or other learning institution is authorized by the government to give admission to international students, here's the the list of accredited US schools for international students admission. See full list of Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) certified schools and programs eligible to enroll F1 and M1 students in the USA

Do you need a scholarship? You can apply for scholarship as an international student even before you travel to the USA. If approved, your scholarship would be given to you before you get your visa. Go to education USA. It's the education resource of the US government and they do give scholarship to students who qualify.

IMPORTANT: There are many other ways to get a scholarship. Example: see how to get US scholarship for international students

You can also get scholarship directly from your school if you have good academic credentials. Even if you don't have good credentials, you can always ask your school or any other school whether there are some assistantship opportunities out there. Fortunately, many times, there are. Hope you understand.

Follow this to understand the US education system.

Read this to get an explanation of everything you need to know about higher education in the USA.

Test, certification, verification for TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, etc. If you already did the test but you haven't received the official score they sent to your address, you can login with your credentials and print or screenshot the result page. You may need it in case you need to show it to the embassy or someone else.

You can get TOEFL prep questions here for your practice.

Here's TOEFL IBT Tips

You may also check TOEFL preparation.

World education service (WES) is another international certification organization that evaluates certifications using WES's global standard. See world education service.

Use this WES tool to know your degree equivalence to that of the US education system. You'll need to create an account to do that.

You may also use this WES tool to know your grade in comparison to USA grade. No account creation is required to do that

Get some tips about studying in the USA here 

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the US schools that can give you admission. 

HINT: If you don't have much money, you have low grade, and you're looking for cheap US schools that can give you admission with or without any qualification from your country, then input low GPA, SAT, ACT scores. 

But if you have enough money, have high grade, and you're looking for top expensive US schools that can give you admission, input high GPA, SAT, ACT scores in the below website. The highest GPA score is 4.0, while the highest SAT/ACT score is 1600. Use college lab's artificial intelligence (AI) tool to predict the US universities or colleges that would likely give you an admission.

Search worldwide university ranking, courses, schools, ranking of scholarly works, etc.

Here you can search for US universities and colleges, etc

With Petersons you can search for schools, courses, tuition rates, study for your GRE, SAT, TOEFL, etc online.

USA university directory- State Universities and College Rankings.  Search school profiles and courses offered throughout the USA.

See Princeton university school review and tutorial for GRE, SAT, TOEFL, etc online. It contains realistic ranking information about US universities and colleges....... and much more.

You can apply for a scholarship through this Petersons link

Note that Petersons is not the same as Princeton, neither is the Princeton mentioned here the same as Princeton university. Check the smelling for both in order not to confuse them as the same thing.

Use this Petersons link to search for US universities and the programs they offer

If you're interested in US colleges, use this to search for US colleges and the programs they offer.

Search for US universities and colleges by geographical location i.e by the state they're located, and courses offered.

Here's US universities and colleges rankings  by USnews with many criteria to choose from. Best national university ranking

Best public schools by USnews's national US universities ranking.

Best colleges  by USnews's national college ranking.

Here's college confidential's school search, school forums, calculate your chances, schools and the tuition cost, etc.

Here's college confidential's school forums.

This site is for medical students only. It's the Association of American Medical Colleges

You'll need to create an account to be able to make the most of the website. 

If you find a school you like, I'll advise you to contact the school directly and apply for admission. 

However, if you have enough money and can afford the cost, you can also use the AAMC's service to apply for admission into a US medical school. Again, I don't recommend using AAMC'S service because its mainly for US and Canadian citizens. Moreover, whatever they can do for you, you can do it by yourself without additional cost. Just use the site to find important information for medical students. But if you pass through them, you'll get your admission because US schools have high regard for them. Again, here's the AAMC's website.

Again, for medical students, here's a list of accredited US medical schools, plus their address and contact information. 

As I said previously, you can contact any medical school of your choice directly through the link. If the link is broken, then go to and search "list of accredited US medical schools" and follow the lead to the association of American medical colleges- AAMC.

The following website was created by an international student doing MASTERS degree in the USA. The site didn't have HTTPS as at the time I checked it, so some web browsers may caution you of security risk when opening it. But the site is safe and it has many valuable information. 

However, I'll advise you not to type your email or password on the site because whatever you type on the site could be recorded by the owner. See Masters in USA- study in USA social network by veterans to support others.

Follow here to pay your SEVIS fee directly to the US government by yourself. Watch the following video. See video explaining how to pay SEVIS fee.

However, be informed that not all countries are allowed to pay SEVIS fee online by card. Some countries are not allowed to pay by debit card or credit card. Such countries have the option to pay by bank transfer, money order, Western Union, etc.

What is SEVIS? Here's the answer you need about SEVIS

Note that SEVIS is not the same as SERP, so don't confuse both.

What is SERPHere's the answer you need about SERP. No payment is required for SERP.

Here's a compilation of successful REAL past US student visa interview questions and answers PDF from 136 countries around the world. It contains list of ALL the past questions ever asked during a US student visa interview and the accompanying correct answers ever given by students who successfully got their visa to study in the USA. That's all you need to learn how to answer the US student visa interview questions correctly and get your visa.

Find here 250 expert answers to ALL questions regarding how to study in the USA. It contains answers to any question you'll ever have about studying in the USA.

Go here for US student visa interview questions and answers tip.

Student visa explained. Please read this to understand the categories of US student visa and many more. You must understand the difference between F1 student visa and M1 student visa.

Here's an overview of US student visa. Please read this to get more information about applying for your student visa and studying in the USA.

Apply for your visa online. Fill the online nonimmigrant visa (NIV) application DS-160

The best way to fill this form without making any mistake is to fill, save and rest. Then, later come back and continue from where you stopped, fill again, save. 

Keep filling and saving until you're very satisfied with the information you've provided, then submit the form. 

The reason you need to do it that way is that if you rush it and you fill and submit the form in one sitting, you'll likely make one or two mistakes. 

So, just take your time and fill the form for as long as you want, that's why they included the option to SAVE until you're very sure, then submit. I need to emphasize this because if you make any mistake in this form, you'll be denied visa to the USA even if you're qualifed. I can't warn you enough. 

However, you can always correct your mistake by creating a new application because you may not be able to edit the form after submitting it. In that case, you must create a new application and get a new appointment number which would be re-assigned you after you submit the new application.

Follow here to schedule your US visa interview appointment.

This is the tool you need to automatically refresh a web page

If you're trying to book for your interview and you're not seeing available dates, copy the visa appointment web link into the auto web page refresher and it will automatically refresh the page for newest available dates. 

If you find a suitable date, you must book it quickly before someone else do. Remember to set your screen not to go to sleep.

For your trip, use these two sites to find cheap airfares and deals. Use kayak to find cheap airfare or use cheapair. Both are good resource to find cheap airfares.

If you'll like to get US green card while studying in the USA, here's how to go from F1 student to Green card to Citizenship.

Finally, this article is a small part of everything you need to know about F1 and M1 US student visa and studying in the USA

See more travel abroad eBooks at order Study abroad eBooks and B1/B2 visa eBooks

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