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Top 5 reasons that determine approval or rejection of F1 or M1 US student visa

Why your F1 or M1 USA student visa may have rejection or acceptance- as featured on US F1 visa rejection rate / US F1 visa rejection reasons The US F1 student visa & M1 US student visa acceptance rate or rejection rate differ country by country. Some countries have high acceptance rate, while others have high rejection rate.  And I can tell you from experience that the most common reasons for F1 and M1 US student visa denials are:- 1. You do not have enough money to study in the U.S. Your bank statement of account has less money than the amount required to pay for your tuition in the first year. 2. You did not bring all required documents with you to the U.S. consulate or embassy for the interview. 3. You lied about something on your visa application or during the visa interview. 4. You failed a security background check (called "administrative Processing", though if this happens it doesn't mean that you've been denied visa. Rather, it means that you would