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Work in USA or Canada- let's get you a job in USA or Canada

 Let's get you a job in US or Canada Work in USA or Canada Both Canada and the USA are looking for skilled workers to fill in the labor market due to shortage of native workers. All you need to get a job offer is to have the right skill and apply for job and you'll be hired. But don't worry about the job application, we'll do that for you.  We can help you get a job offer in the USA or in Canada. All you have to do is order the  get a job offer in USA or Canada  service and provide us the following:- Your name Email Your major in school  Your skills Your country Country you want the job Upon receipt of the above information and payment, we'll make the job application on your behalf to the relevant companies or organizations. It would take us 30-60 days to get you a job offer from a US or Canadian company, depending on your choice.  Once you have a job offer letter, all you have to do is apply for your work permit and visa at your nearest US or Canadian embassy or co

List of US companies that sponsor work visa to USA

 List of US companies that sponsor work visa / Companies in the USA that sponsor work visa US companies that sponsor work visa  We're going to talk about US companies that sponsor work visa ,  specifically we'll talk about H1-B work visa, J1 work visa and even Canadian work visa.  Every year the US government under the H1B visa program, selects about 85,000 skilled workers from many countries around the world to come and work in the USA.  The selection is done randomly by a machine like a lottery on behalf of US companies that can sponsor work visa for that year. That's why the H1B visa and J1 visa are simply called US work visa.  H1-B visa sponsorship  The H1B visa is for people with special skills that the US needs, such as tech jobs and art and design. The sponsorship requirements is a minimum of a bachelor's degree, so all you need to qualify is to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree or equivalent certification.  Do you know that you can also work with H1 B vi