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Go from F1 student to Green card to US Citizenship

How to go from F1 student to Green card to US Citizenship  Proven method to Go from US student visa holder to Green card holder to US Citizenship Every US student visa is a single intent visa. This means that you promise to enter the US only to go to school, then return to your home country after you finish your studies.  However, there are loopholes in US law that any foreign student in the USA can take advantage of to get a US green card legitimately.  WHY IS A GREEN CARD IMPORTANT ? Getting a US green card gives you the right of permanent residency in the USA, including:-  Right to Work for whoever you want Right to work for how long you want Right to protection under US law; in and outside the US  Right to a driver’s license Right to purchase and bear arms Right to travel in and outside the US whenever you want Right to live anywhere you want in the USA Right to request visas for your immediate family members Right to social security benefits Right to upgrade from Green card holder