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How to study in the USA step-by-step (Part 2)

Step-by-step guide on how to study in the USA as an international student How to study in the USA from Admission application to Graduation a.k.a A-Z information about F1 and M1 US student visa and studying in the USA  This is a second overview and a rephrase of the first article (Part 1). We added new information that any student who want to study in the USA must understand, including how to get your social security number (SSN) as an international student.  Before reading this second article, please do yourself a favor by reading the first article (Part 1) first, then come back and read this. It would make everything clearer to you. For the first article, see A-Z everything you need to know about F1 and M1 US student visa and studying in the USA . This second part provided further information about every step in the study in the USA process- from researching a school, program or course, application, admission, traveling to USA, graduation and departing the USA. (1). Get ready to study

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Understand the Psychology of the US student visa interview questions

The psychology of the US student visa interview questions Understand the psychology of the US student visa interview questions  There's no official paper stating that the US student visa interview is divided into sections but we know from years of experience that the US student visa interview is divided into at least six major sections.  And that's the information we want to share with you today. Shown below are the key sections of the US student visa interview and the corresponding questions that the US visa officer may ask on each section. Most of them are psychological questions and they're meant to test your motives. 1). Your plan to study in the USA In this section, the US visa officer wants to understand why you chose to study in the USA instead of other countries. He/she may also want to know your plan.  The following are some of the questions you may be asked by the US visa officer during a US student visa interview about your study plan. a). Why do you want to trav

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