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Top 82 books to read if you want to become the president. Best books on leadership

 Best books on leadership. Top 82 books on leadership to read if you want to become the president Recommended by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Nelson Mandela, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel, etc Evidence from history has shown that anybody born in a particular country can become the head of state of that country. It means that you too can become the president of your country one day. It has little or nothing to do with your family background because many people from poor family background have sometimes become leaders or president of their country. This is why I want to introduce you to books on leadership, which you need to read to learn how to become a leader. The books I am about to show you were recommended by such leaders themselves when asked by journalists to mention the books that motivated them to become leaders. In this list, former US president, Bill Clinton recommended eight books, Donald Trump recommended three books, Barack Obama recommended ten books, Vladimir

Top 170 books to read if you want to become a Billionaire

 Best books on wealth. Top 170 books on wealth to read if you want to become a Billionaire Recommended by Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, etc In the 1920's, a journalist named Napoleon Hill decided to interview many millionaires in the USA. His goal was to find out their life motivation and the principle that led them to become successful millionaires. After talking to hundreds of millionaires in America in the research, he later wrote a book: the law of success and another one: think and grow rich. Shockingly, he discovered that wealth begins in the mind and it has little or nothing to do with your family background. That's the one sentence that summarizes what he discovered. It means that no matter who you're or the family background you come from, you too can become rich if you follow the same rules and principles observed by wealthy people. This has already been proved over and over again to be true, for the simple reason that people from really very