Work in USA or Canada- let's get you a job in USA or Canada

 Let's get you a job in USA or Canada

Work in USA or Canada

Both Canada and the USA are looking for unskilled workers to fill in the labor market due to shortage of native workers. 

Unskilled work means jobs that needs little or no experience to get started such as Construction worker, caregiver, farm worker, assembly line worker, street sweeper and cleaner, dish washer, company driver, truck driver, delivery man, security guard, warehouse worker, laundry work, carpenter, bricklayer, general labourer. 

Let me explain some of the job roles below.

General Laborer

Perform manual labor tasks, such as lifting, carrying, or moving materials and equipment. Assist in construction or cleaning

Construction worker

Assist skilled tradespeople, set up equipment, carry materials, clean work areas, and perform general construction tasks.

Kitchen worker

Assist in food preparation, clean and sanitize kitchen utensils, dishes, and equipment, and maintain cleanliness in the kitchen


Wash and sanitize dishes, cutlery, and kitchen equipment. Maintain cleanliness and organization in the dishwashing area.

Farm Worker

Assist with crop planting, harvesting, or general farm labor tasks. Operate machinery, maintain equipment, and follow instructions from farm supervisors

Warehouse Worker

Receive, sort, and store incoming goods. Prepare orders for shipment, load and unload materials, and maintain warehouse organization

Sales assistant

Assist customers with inquiries, provide product information, handle transactions, maintain store shelves, and ensure a positive shopping experience.

General cleaner

Clean and maintain buildings, offices, or public areas. Vacuum, sweep, mop floors, sanitize surfaces, empty trash, and restock supplies.

Landscaping Worker

Perform tasks such as mowing lawns, trimming hedges, planting flowers, and general maintenance of outdoor spaces. Operate landscaping tools and equipment

Production line Worker

Operate machinery or production equipment, assemble products, monitor production processes, and perform quality control checks


Clean and maintain the cleanliness of buildings, including offices, restrooms, corridors, and common areas. Handle waste disposal and ensure proper sanitation

Delivery Driver

Safely transport goods or packages to their designated locations. Follow delivery schedules, handle paperwork, and provide excellent customer service


Process customer payments, handle cash registers, scan items, issue receipts, and provide friendly and efficient customer service

Security Guard

Monitor premises, patrol assigned areas, enforce security procedures, and respond to incidents. Observe and report any suspicious activities

Laundry Attendant

Sort, wash, dry, fold, and iron laundry items. Operate laundry equipment, maintain cleanliness in the laundry area, and handle customer inquiries.

Farm worker

Assist with various tasks on the farm, such as planting, weeding, harvesting, and maintaining farm equipment. Follow instructions from farm supervisors.


Clean and maintain guest rooms, common areas, and public spaces in hotels or other hospitality establishments. Provide excellent customer service to guests.

Assembly Line Worker

Perform repetitive tasks in an assembly line, such as product assembly, packaging, or quality control inspections. Meet production targets and maintain quality standards

Shelf Filler

Restock shelves with merchandise, rotate products, ensure proper product placement, monitor inventory levels, and maintain store presentation.

Hotel worker

Clean and prepare guest rooms, change bedding, replenish amenities, and ensure cleanliness and orderliness in hotel rooms. Provide assistance to guests as needed.

You can get hired for any of the above job positions or similar jobs. When you're hired, the company that hires you would give you a one or two days training. 

All you need to get a job offer is to have the right skill and apply for job and you'll be hired. But don't worry about the job application, we'll do that for you. If you already have some experience, fine!. It would help you.

We can help you get a job offer in the USA or in Canada. All you have to do is order the get a job offer in USA or Canada service and provide us the following:-

Your name


Your major in school 

Your skills

Your country

Country you want the job

Upon receipt of the above information and payment, we'll make the job application on your behalf to the relevant companies or organizations. It would take us 30-60 days to get you a job offer from a US or Canadian company, depending on your choice. 

Once you have a job offer letter, all you have to do is apply for your work permit and visa at your nearest US or Canadian embassy or consulate. 

Fortunately, all work visa applications are always approved most of the time by the US and Canadian embassy or consulate. This service costs $299.

Before you order this service, make sure that you know what you're doing and that all you need is a letter of employment from the USA or Canada. We are not here to process your visa. Ours is simply to get you a letter of employment from the US or Canada, while you continue the processing of your visa by yourself. Order get a job offer in USA or Canada 

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