Let's pay your SEVIS fee- Pay after service

 Let's help you pay your SEVIS fee- You pay after service 

Pay your SEVIS fee immediately- Pay after delivery 

Before I began, let me say that you can pay your SEVIS fee by yourself.  The given link is the official US government site to pay your SEVIS fee but for the actual payment, they'll redirect you to www.FMJfee.com which is an approved government partner site.

However, not all students from all countries can pay online by themselves, that's why we want to help those who are unable to pay by themselves.

If for any reason whatsoever you're unable to pay your SEVIS fee by yourself, we are here to help you make the SEVIS fee payment. We'll make the SEVIS fee payment on your behalf within 6 hours of receiving your money.

Choose between two options to pay your SEVIS fee 

You have two options to pay your SEVIS fee. You can either pay the complete sum of $390 at once or pay an initial deposit of $40, then pay the rest when we make the payment for you and send you the payment receipt.

Your location doesn't matter. We can pay your SEVIS fee no matter what country in the world you live or citizenship you're. 

If paying at once, the total amount you'll pay is $390 but if paying after service, we'll require an initial deposit $40. We only need this initial deposit to guarantee that you're a student and that you really need this service. 

After we make the payment, we'll email you the payment confirmation, and after you've confirmed that we made the payment, you then pay the balance of $350. This balance has to be paid as soon as we complete the payment.

In order to pay your SEVIS fee, all prospective F1 or M1 students would need to provide the following:-

1. Your full name

2. Address

3. Date of birth

4. Email address

5. Country of birth

6. Country of citizenship

7. School Code as listed on your Form I-20

8. SEVIS Identification Number as listed on your Form I-20

The following countries are restricted from paying for SEVIS fee via card payment:- Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Gambia. For these restricted countries, the complete fee we charge to pay your SEVIS fee is $400, while $40 is the initial deposit to pay if you want payment after delivery.

Make payment by typing the amount you want to pay at SEVIS fee payment. After payment, contact us on the WhatsApp below with the eight required information stated above.


If you choose to make an initial deposit of $40, please remember to pay the balance as soon as we show you proof of your SEVIS fee payment. We don't like a situation where we have to wait for a day or two before receiving the rest of the money.

Again, your country or location doesn't matter. Thanks for your understanding.

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