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How to win an election in the 21st century

How to win election in the 21st century Secret effective political campaign strategy for winning election, referendum, opinion poll, selling products- Beyond Cambridge Analytica/ Beyond Emer data The best political strategy for winning an election in any country in the world is to identify and focus your entire campaign on an important populist issue and market yourself as a champion of that issue by building your campaign around that one major important issue. In one sentence: become the Messiah that would get it fixed. If you must win an election, you must identify important issues that the public really care about and address them by telling people what you'll do about it when elected. Explain how the issue originated, how the past administration couldn't solve it and allowed it to escalate (lampoon your opponent/s if you have to while doing so), tell people how you can solve the problem completely or make it better or improve it or correct it, depending on the case. Do reme