How to win an election in the 21st century

How to win election in the 21st century

How to win an election

Secret effective political campaign strategy for winning election, referendum, opinion poll, selling products- Beyond Cambridge Analytica/ Beyond Emer data

The best political strategy for winning an election in any country in the world is to identify and focus your entire campaign on an important populist issue and market yourself as a champion of that issue by building your campaign around that one major important issue. In one sentence: become the Messiah that would get it fixed.

If you must win an election, you must identify important issues that the public really care about and address them by telling people what you'll do about it when elected. Explain how the issue originated, how the past administration couldn't solve it and allowed it to escalate (lampoon your opponent/s if you have to while doing so), tell people how you can solve the problem completely or make it better or improve it or correct it, depending on the case. Do remember that whatever you're saying about solving this problem, it must be logical and believable so that people can see how you can truly solve the issue or at least ameliorate it.

Of course, you can also talk about one or two other issues but your focus should be to be identified with a populist issue that the public care about and drive that home in your campaign. The more you make it emotional and people can feel it, the better. It works like a charm!.

Secondly, I'll like you to take the ANCIENT advise of Quintus Tullius Cicero because its still true today as it was more than 2,060 years ago.

In 64 BC, Marcus Tullius Cicero was running for the office of the Roman consul. Cicero (a political newcomer) was a brilliant man and gifted speaker with a burning desire to gain the highest office in Rome. As the campaign approached, his brother Quintus wrote to him offering some advice on how to win the election.

Below is the summary of the advise that Quintus Tullius Cicero gave his brother Marcus Tullius Cicero:-

(1). Promise everybody everything and please them in any way.
(2). Pretend to be friends with everyone, and even if you have to make friends with your enemy to win, just do it.
(3). Know your opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them. Go ahead and destroy the reputation of your opponents.
(4). Flatter voters ceaselessly even if its a lie. Tell people what they want to hear.
(5). When speaking in public give people a lot of hope. Make them believe a new dawn would be coming as soon as you win.

(6) When you do No.5 above, make sure you're surrounded by cheering crowd.

Thirdly, and last. How do you pass your message to the public ? What medium do you communicate people ? Radio ? TV? Newspaper ?

In ancient time, messages could only be passed by walking the street and talking to people. Then the paper was invented and messages could be written with hand and shared among people, then with the coming of printing machines messages could be mass printed and shared in the street and pasted in walls, then with the newspaper messages could be distributed nationally, then with the radio messages could be heard in audio, then with the TV messages could be carried visually, then came the internet. 

Here's what you need to know: whenever a newer better method of doing something is found, it disrupts the one that existed before and would become the predominant method of doing that same thing. In our age today, the internet is the newer better method of mass media.

Marketing, communication and advertisement has changed since the advent of the internet. Traditional advertising methods such as Television, Radio, Newspaper are no longer mainstream and their relevance keeps eroding by the day. The internet has eclipsed them to become the dominant means of marketing, communication, and advertising today. 

General blind marketing and advertising on traditional media don't work anymore because with the internet came new behavioural changes in people themselves. It's for that simple reason that Donald Trump won the US presidential election in 2016 after consulting Cambridge Analytica now called Emer data, who applied a disruptive new method of advertising which works online only. 

Political marketing strategies have changed forever and if you want to win an election today, you must have a political campaign digital strategy and tactics that incorporates social media campaign strategy. Same goes for companies looking to sell products or even a public figures who want to promote their image.

We are living in an age where you can no longer succeed without the internet and that's why in many countries, the internet has already become the number one mainstream advertising method today and its influence continues to grow. 

Added upon that is the power of the social media. The social media and search engine companies have revolutionized the way advertisers identify their best prospects from the billions of people online. Yet, billions of data alone is not enough to zero in on the personality of each internet user. This is where we come in to fill the gap. 

At Emer Analytica, we've used data science and psychoanalytical software to develop a system of e-marketing and e-advertising formula that targets any specific type of people you want in a society. Our precision advertising means that you can, for instance, target happy women or happy men or wealthy men or angry men or happy women or whatever specific people and behaviour you want with the best election campaign messages. 

If you're a politician or you represent a political party and you're looking to make a plan for a candidate to make him or her win in an election, you're at the right place and you no longer need any ''how to win elections book'' to know how to get people vote for you or your candidate. We'll do that for you. All you have to do is tell us your election campaign ideas (positive or negative) and our psychoanalytical software will scan billions of online profiles and identify those who would likely vote for you or your opponent, then show them different customized messages that will appeal to them. Just tell us your country and what category of people you're interested in targeting. There'll be more information about positive or negative campaign strategies later.

Our system can target just your opponent or maybe a rival company to perform whatever you want to achieve. Yes, it's as precise as that. You can use our service to win elections, win a referendum, sell products, change public opinion, change perception. It's up to you what you'll like to do with it. Contact us and let's know what project we can work on with you.

When it comes to political strategy for winning election, the internet comes with the ability to win people over by embarking on secret political campaigns that function on auto pilot all online, without anybody realizing you're behind such a campaign. We have seen our service used by people who weren't even serious politicians but just wanted to know how to win an election against a popular person. They ended up using our service and they won!.

It can work for you too, whether you're a political party, individual politician, company, public figure. We have packages that works for every client and for every need. You can promote yourself or party in a good light or use it to blackmail, de-market, de-value your opponent or his/her political party. That's the reality today if you want to make a plan for a candidate to make him or her win in an election. It's up to you how you wish to use it. But the best case use is to use both the positive campaign (for yourself) and negative campaign (against your opponent) at the same time. 

Knowledge of this 21st century election campaign tips and tricks will save you time and money and if you wish to use this for an election or you just want to learn how to run a political campaign, its best to start this type of campaign early enough, at least one year before election day or as soon as you're sure who your opponent would be. 

(a). An example of positive campaign is the below tweet by former US president. Donald Trump, nine months before the 2016 US presidential election, which he won.

As you can see, Trump is not attacking any person in this message but is just saying that he'll build a wall to stop illegal Mexican immigrants crossing into the USA. If you want to win an election in any real democratic nation (non one party state) you must incorporate this social media political campaign strategy into your campaign plan and talk about what you stand for, what you'll do if elected, what you have done in the past, etc.

(b). The other side is the negative campaign against your opponent. See the below for negative political campaign examples used by Donald Trump against Hilary Clinton before the US 2016 presidential election, which he won.

Here's another negative political campaign example, this time against George Soros, a wealthy American who supported Hilary Clinton. It was sent two days after the election.

As you can see above, both messages are subtle and not forceful to make it appear as an attack on your opponent, yet they deliver heavy punches. The purpose is to de-value your opponent and with proper targeting you can win some electorates over to your side or at least have them not vote your opponent. In fact, the real reason for those tweets were to make people weary enough not to go vote for Hilary Clinton, and not necessarily to have them vote for Trump. That's the game!. We can deploy same style of social media political campaign strategy for you like Cambridge Analytica and Emer data but without breaking the law.

21st Century political campaign strategies to win an election, etc.

All the tactics listed below works by implanting thought in the mind of the public and getting certain feedback reaction favourable to you or unfavourable to your opponent. Its what an American, Mr. Noam Chomsky call ''manufacturing consent'' and the news media; such as TV, newspaper, Radio do this to people on a mass scale. Its the technique of creating perception in the mind of the public and getting certain feedback reaction. The good news is that it works best online. Why? Because your mobile phone is personal to you and you trust it.

You can use it for a positive or negative cause depending on your point of view.

(1). Positive public image boost or public opinion creation for positive image boost (use this for yourself). 


Positive ethical social engineering: Here you harvest public opinion (what people love or are praising in your country) and use it for your benefit.
Positive public opinion manipulation: Here you manipulate the public to have a certain view beneficial to you.
Positive public opinion implantation: Here you implant certain thoughts in the mind of the public and make them promote such thoughts for your benefit. If you're looking for how to win an election, contact us and we'll work with you to deploy all these tactics.


The ultimate benefit is to enhance your public image by creating a positive public perception of yourself. Remember, this is all happening in secret as people subliminally accept you as a person or and your message as you saw in Donald Trumps Mexican Wall Tweet before the lection. Details about use cases cannot be published here. It's a paid service. Contact us if you need our service.

(2). Negative public image boost or public opinion creation against someone or organization for negative image creation. (use this against your opponent). 


Negative ethical social engineering. Here you harvest public opinion (what people hate or are complaining about in your country) and use it against your opponent.
Negative public opinion manipulation: Here you manipulate the public to develop a certain view against your opponent.
Negative public opinion implantation: Here you implant certain thoughts in the mind of the public and make them promote such thoughts against your opponent.


The ultimate benefit is to de-value your opponent's public image by creating a negative public perception of him/her; just like you saw someone on black T-shirt above claiming that Hilary Clinton called him ''deplorable'' while Trump called him ''American.'' Even though its not true but a strong message was passed against Ms. Clinton. Remember, this is all happening in secret as people subliminally reject your opponent or his/her message. Details about use cases cannot be published here. It's a paid service. Contact us if you need our service.

Platforms for using the above techniques

(a). To win an election.
(b). To influence the outcome of an election.
(c). To win a poll.
(d). To influence the outcome of a poll.
(e). To win a referendum.
(f). To influence the outcome of a referendum.
(g). To promote a brand or product or company.
(h). To devalue a brand or product or company.
(i). To promote the image of someone
(j). To devalue the image of someone
(k). To raise awareness about a project or cause.

The best way to kick start your election campaign in the 21st Century

Let’s assume you intend to run for office in an election; but how do you introduce yourself to the public? What’s the best way to make yourself known even before declaring your intention to run in an election? What's the best first move to get you started?

If you want to win an election; here’s what to do to get you started on time ahead of your opponent/s. 

Even before campaign officially begins for the election, you or and your company should begin trending online about a charity project or any goodwill you rendered to people in your community. Go ahead and do simple acts of charity no matter how little, then get it published online. It can make you popular fast and it works no matter what political office you're aspiring to run for in an election. Gradually build upon that. 

Its advised that you begin showing such kind gestures several months before the election even before you officially declare interest to run for office.

Depending on whether its ethical and rules governing public office holders in your country allow it, we advise that you go out and show love to people in your community by making small donations and taking pictures while doing it. Then, get a known blogger or journalist write an article about what you've done. The article must not say that you made the donation directly but that your company made certain donation, then it will mention your name as the owner of the company. To understand what I am saying, I'll give you a sample of such article.

The format of the article should be as shown below, where in this case your company is DTVW inc, your community BRONX, your state NEW YORK, people you helped STUDENTS, where you did it WINNERS COLLEGE, location BRONX, your name JOHN DAVID, one identifiable beneficiary of your charity ESTHER MICHAEL, your country USA.

Format of article below. Sorry, the details about use cases cannot be published here. It's a paid service that cost 19 USD only. Order a sample of the article plus instruction to get your election campaign started. Download article format to kick start your election campaign. Download is instant if paid by Paystack.  Or pay by PayPal and we'll email the product to your PayPal email within 10 minutes if ordered between 10 AM - 21:00 GMT. I must add that this is a promotional offer. Product will go back to the normal price of USD 49 next week.

Frequently asked questions- FAQ

What service do you offer?
Before I answer, let me inform you that there are different political campaign and marketing strategies used by political parties all over the world. But we've developed something unique and more effective than all others. We generally help companies, public figures, politicians, political parties to dominate public opinion and to steer the public to an expected end. Our service will help you get the public to love your brand, product, company, political party or vote for you in an election. Generally speaking, we'll help you influence public opinion using psychoanalytic information via social media.

What specific thing can I achieve with your service?
It depends on what you want to do with it. Its up to you. However, most clients use our service to win elections, win a referendum, win an opinion poll, make the public love them, work against their opponent, make the public love their company or brand, and similar things of that nature. If used on the opposite side (not recommended) you can make an opponent's public image diminish in value and he/she won't understand why. 

Who needs our service?
Governments, Companies, Politicians, Activists, Political parties, Public figures, VIPs.

What is the cost?
The cost depends on what you want to achieve and how long you want us to work on it. However, the minimum order is $7, 000, which will allow you to evaluate our service for 7 days. You're welcome to evaluate our service with this package.

What payment method do you accept?
We accept payment by Visa card, Mastercard, American express, and almost every other card. It would take 2 days for us to confirm your payment. Alternatively, you can pay by Bitcoin for instant payment receipt.

After payment, what else is required of me?
Provide a little information about your political campaign plan template, some pictures and examples of short messages you want us to post on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc, and we'll customize every message and push them to millions of people on social media. You'll also need to have 5-10 staffs or friends or family members to push the messages from your end. We can help you set up multiple anonymous social media accounts for that. Details about application cannot be published here. It's a paid service. Contact us if you need our service.

How long will it take to begin my job?
We'll begin your job within 48 hours of receiving payment. You'll see the results within 7 days.

How long will it take to deliver the job?
It depends on the volume of your order. But as far as the test order concerned, we'll deliver in 7 days.

How long will it take to deliver my order?
It depends on the volume of your order. The minimum order of  USD 7,000 usually takes 7 days to complete.

How many messages would be sent within said 7 days?
We'll post 2,500 Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Linkedin posts within 7 days. You'll be sent proof of work every six hours or less throughout the duration of the job.

To subscribe, email us at: 

Everything we can do for you has been explained above. Please contact us only when you want to place an order

how to win election in the 21st century

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